Amy Roop

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Once again, I am proud to be reunited with Jack and Kelly at Walton Insurance LLC. The two year absence from our awesome clientele made me realize how we made a positive difference during the insurance process. Our clients trust us and now we can provide that level of professional service to them and many new clients now while providing competitive premiums.

I had begun my insurance career in 2002 when I worked for Jack at a captive agency. I started out as his office assistant where I did mostly clerical work. After proving that I could handle more responsibility, Jack approached me to get my license in property and casualty. After getting this license, I realized how important our jobs are to our clients.

During the two years prior to Walton Insurance LLC, I worked for another captive company. Now understanding the opportunity to offer multiple companies to find the best value, there is no question that bringing our team back together again was the best choice I could have made. Finally, I am “home” again.

I look forward to providing the highest level of customer service to our clients. After all, we now have: More Choices. Better Prices. Same Great Service!

Some of our products include:

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